You may find some of these links helpful.

View an interview with author Gwen Brookes on YouTube This is an excellent site for foreign language posters, stickers, bookmarks and song books.  Is a great, free site for learning languages. I am currently using it to learn Portuguese, but it offers many languages. It is useful for any teacher wishing to freshen up their language skills or improve their accent. I haven't used it in school, but there is  the facility to use it with a class. Children can work through it at their own pace and it logs their progress. Good fun!

French (or Spanish)ipod101 on youtube is very useful for listening exercises. It offers several levels, the highest of which presents a good challenge for older, more advanced learners. Worth looking at. Also available in other languages.

 Alain Le Lait has songs on Youtube covering many topics. These really get into your head! A great way to learn when you keep singing them to yourself. Some are also available in English for children new to the country. Here are some of the French songs:

Les Nombres.

J'aime les Voitures. (Colours.)

Il Pleut.

Ma Famille.

Des Os, Il en Faut. (Parts of the body.)

Avec un Grand Nez. (Animals.) 

Quel Temps Fait-il aujourd'hui?

Dans Ma Chambre.

Arc en ciel. (Colours, parts of the body, drinks.) I love this one! 


Leon le Cameleon   (Colours) by Michelle Porter. Youtube. Another of my favourites.

La Dance des Couleurs - le Clown Alexander Youtube

L'Araignee Gipsy   Youtube  Like Incy Wincy Spider.

Un elephant qui se balancait by Gabriel. Youtube.

J'ai ramassé des champignons   Elodie Vivat   Youtube

La Neige Tombe  (Parts of the body.)  Youtube.

Ma Maison Chanson to Lady Gaga's Poker Face tune. 


Le Petit Renne au Nez Rouge   Youtube  Deva Jeunesse

Mbotama ya Muana Noel   (Song in French with some African language.) 

J'aime La Galette.   Les Patapons. Youtube.

Story  Rodolphe le Renne au Nez Rouge. Read by Sylvia Duckworth. (Her English accent comes through, but it is still worth watching.) Youtube. 

BBC Radio Labo deals with colours, seasons and months of the year, clothes, descriptions, weather, computer and actions. I think that this is in French/Spanish.

BBC Sport Supermovers greetings with Ben Shires (uses football stars.) French/Spanish

Animaux de la Ferme. Youtube. Animals + the sounds that they make.

Si Tu Aimes Les Dinosaures. Song. Parts of the body and actions. Youtube.

Comment  ça va  Le Dinosaure?  Actions, adjectives,adverbs.  Petit Poulet. (Main characters get eaten, so not for the sensitive!)  worksheets etc. (Spanish too.)   I am a big fan of the work of wildlife artist Kerry Newell. Her work is breath-taking! Nothing to do with languages, but worth a visit anyway.