You may find some of these links helpful.

View an interview with author Gwen Brookes on YouTube This is an excellent site for foreign language posters, stickers, bookmarks and song books.  Is a great, free site for learning languages. I am currently using it to learn Portuguese, but it offers many languages. It is useful for any teacher wishing to freshen up their language skills or improve their accent. I haven't used it in school, but there is  the facility to use it with a class. Children can work through it at their own pace and it logs their progress. Good fun!

French (or Spanish)ipod101 on youtube is very useful for listening exercises. It offers several levels, the highest of which presents a good challenge for older, more advanced learners. Worth looking at. Also available in other languages.   I am a big fan of the work of wildlife artist Kerry Newell. Her work is breath-taking! Nothing to do with languages, but worth a visit anyway.