The Berthe series is ideal for Primary French learners or beginners and now two of the books are available for those starting to learn Spanish.

I have just uploaded a new French short story on YouTube called Berthe Ne Peut Pas Dormir. Berthe is tired but is having trouble getting off to sleep. She tries various activities. Will she finally manage to drift off? A quiz and a word detective sheet based on this story can be found on this website.


The fourteen books in the French series and the two Spanish books have been specifically written for children beginning to learn the language. They are topic-based, have a word search, game and vocabulary list at the back.

‘..child-friendly stories…a lovely way of encouraging younger children’s MFL learning.’      From the article ‘Ten of the best MFL Resources.’  Scholastic Junior Education PLUS March 2008.

Berthe is an elderly, but seriously cool witch. She can handle anything, from a very odd game of rugby, to a night out with her strange friends, to a cookery session that goes with a bang! Her constant companion is her ice-cream loving cat – the dark, silent type who has a lot to put up with.

Also available.

Visit some of Paris’s famous sites with Berthe. Learn some of the history. She takes her cat, who’s not at all interested and finds other things to do.

Have you tried La Famille de Berthe?  Berthe’s family is rather unusual. Meet the three-eyed fish and the magician whose rabbits are out of control. Will we get to meet the grandchild who tells the Berthe stories? This is a good book for beginners, but the pictures and activities can also be used by slightly more advanced students. All the Berthe books make great presents for new learners.

If you click on the Menu at the top of the page you will be able to access more information about the books plus quizzes and word detective sheets for all the books and interactive games for Quel Temps Fait-il, Berthe? There is a link to the free online Berthe story, Berthe Voyage, and pages of simple French about animals etc. There are also ideas for games and ways of introducing topics, plus links for songs, videos etc, which may prove useful.

COMPETITION. Thank you to all those that took part in the Name Berthe’s Cat Competition. The winner comes from New Barnet. She chose the name Minuit. A great name for a black cat, named after the witching hour!