Arthur, le Wombat Qui Oublie de…. and a Warm Up (The Bonjour Train).

Arthur the Wombat + quiz are now here. There is also a warm up exercise The Bonjour Train. The Bonjour Train.

Arthur, Le Wombat Qui Oublie De…..

Arthur is a very busy wombat. So busy he forgets to…. This story is written in simple French and includes days of the week, activities, the morning routine, adjectives etc.. Hopefully, this story should lead to an interesting discussion.

Arthur Le Wombat Quiz   

Arthur joue au football.


      Answers. 1b. 2c. 3a. 4c. 5a. 6b.7c. 8a. 9c. 10b. 11b. 12a. 13c. 14c. 15b. 16a 17b. 18b. 19b. 20b. 21b. 22a. 23b.