Useful Links

The following links are to songs/websites etc. in either French or Spanish which may prove useful. Most provide instant access but some you may need to key in.

Watch the interview with author Gwen Brookes on YouTube

If you are having to do online teaching, apart from reading Berthe books of course, this link might be useful. It provides a few animated stories in simple French, plus teacher’s notes.

FLE en vidéos provides some excellent French videos, songs etc. which seem to cover just about every topic. You may have to subscribe after a while.

Topics include: Ma Trousse, Les Vacances, Ma Famille, Se Présenter, Les Couleurs, Les Pays et Les Nationalités…..       

The two websites above are free and impressive. They provide stories as videos, audios and scripts. The videos have English sub-titles which help children understand the meaning before concentrating on the foreign language.
The sites also contain online French or Spanish lessons which give topical vocabulary with more advanced, but amusing, examples. If schools are closed and children are having to work at home, these could prove very useful.


La danse des couleurs

Léon le Caméléon

Arc en Ciel Alain le Lait

J’aime les Voitures     Alain le Lait 

BBC Radio Labo – deals with colours, seasons, months of the year, parts of                                          body, weather etc.


French songs
 Je Suis une Pizza  

Au Petit Déjeuner      Alain le Lait                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

A very simple animated film. Food Names in French by Blabber Beasts           

Quel Temps Fait-il, Aujourd’hui?      Alain le Lait
Parapluie   Alain le Lait
C’est de L’eau    Les Enfantastiques

Parts of the Body
Des Os, Il en Faut     Alain le Lait

Avec un Gros Nez      Alain le Lait
La Chanson des Dinosaures

Animaux de la Savane  Cartoon and song. Good for little ones and older ones too as there is some more difficult vocabulary at the end.

French BBC Bitesize

Spanish BBC Bitesize


Ma Famille a catchy modern tune that they might recognise

Ma Famille     Alain le Lait

French BBC Bitesize

Spanish BBC Bitesize

Spanish An American website that has some great, simple stories with puppets taking on the leading roles. Great fun and it also has support materials and vocabulary. Some of the stories are traditional ones, so children should have some idea of what’s happening.

BBC They Speak Très Chic     A song with a mixture of English and French,  but with a great beat and very catchy.

Ma Maison Chanson based on Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. It gives you the words but you have to sing it and it’s quite fast. Takes a bit of practice!

Places in a French town. This is a fun animation which takes us on a quick tour of a town.


One song I really like is On Ecrit Sur Les Murs  on You Tube by Kids United singing for Unicef. Definitely worth listening to.


The French teacher site has a subscription, but there is also Free Stuff offered e.g. a pet kim’s game. I wasn’t aware of any audio for this site.

Français, Français ! by Etienne and Roland Bibeau on YouTube. A great song for revising general vocabulary.

C’est Halloween. Matt Maxwell – a song on YouTube.

The New Year

French New Year Rap French

Spanish New Year Rap Spanish

La Fête des Rois Song Qui Fera La Bonne Galette? – a catchy round that you can do actions to.

French BBC Bitesize Culture: Exploring the Festival of the Kings

French La Chandeleur. La Fête aux Chandelles a song by

Pierre Lozère

For posters, song books, vocabulary books etc.. try

For great ideas I recommend you join the Languages in Primary Schools Facebook page. LIPS.